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The Book of Disquiet = Incel shooters manifesto


Jun 29, 2015
A nihilistic 20th century Portuguese author who ended up dying at 47 (btw it was not a suicide. cirrhosis apparently. But he could have made it look like it wasn't a suicide. Back in 1935, Portugal was very Catholic and you couldn't bury suicide victims in a Roman Catholic cemetery because it was a sin against God. So suicide was often under-reported then).

I am going to carry on this guy's legacy into the 21st century. I am going to spread existentialism, nihilism, anti-natalism and the red-pill about humanity before I die.

Religion was basically invented to socially control people. Society doesn't want you to suicide. Society wants you to be productive like a good little cuck to tax and leech off of. Until you are too old and broken down to produce anymore. Then they throw you away like yesterday's garbage. - alien, 21st century existentialist philosopher

Remember the last paragraph incels. This paragraph will be the stuff of legends one day. Just like Charles Bukowski's now-famous "how in the hell" paragraph.