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Thai hookers: a true story

Jan 19, 2016
For around 5 years, I was obsessed with Thai sex workers.

I tried to make one my long term girlfriend. After a year of that, she asked me to take out a loan in my name on her behalf. I didn't do it, obviously. Then she dumped me.

I continued to have mini relationships with Thai hoz, sometimes dating them and making them like pseudo girlfriends and in a few cases basically real girlfriends. I probably barebacked 20 or 30. And they were all insincere.

I believe that althought they were after money, they were even more after the experience of having a harem of men, especially someone who is easily manipulated by them. I spent money on them, but not much.

I then tried to have a relationship with a 21 year old civilian girl, but she was neither Thai nor a hooker. I was just constantly going out on dates with or buying the paid services of Thai women, and she sort of noticed. I could have had a nice relationship with her, but she was like nothing to me compared to my obsession.

The 21 yo raided my laptop, found pics of some Thai floozies for hire, and sent them to her friends to ask if the hookers were hotter than her.

I lost contact with her and most of my civilian friends. It was a self destructive spiral. Any chances I had with civilian women, I ignored and eventually burned.

I was like a cult member being led around by Thai hooker priestesses. I was pathetic and completely vulnerable.

I think I have some kind of self destructive tendency, or compulsive weakness, that always gets expressed in some way. In terms of cause and effect, probably that's the reason I'm looksmaxing. I'm a thaihookercel.


Jun 30, 2015
because girls in thailand are super easy and you could just open skout/tinder and get free girls 
im gueesing you were in west asia so you were requried to have a decent level of game , thus leading you to this obession ?

i was thinking all asia is god mod like in thailand .