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story time copied from one of my slayer discussions with ex-poster 'prime jb'

Scar Tissue

Jul 6, 2015
[font=arial, sans-serif][img=32x32]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-...AA/4252rscbv5M/s64-c-k/photo.jpg[/img][/SIZE][/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]bro i feel

like a fuckin



i just

fucked a girl

in the woods

she kept tellin me she loved me

since high school

i wasnt even gunna fuck her

but we we went hiking


we got to the top of the mountain

it got dark

I was like

go in the water

and she stripped bareass naked

and then i noticed she had a donk

and my little man

woke up

and i was like

you could be a stripper if you wanted

and she got out of the pond

and she was like i know i practive when im by myself

I was like

give me a dance

and she started


twerking and dancing around lol

then i took her hand and pulled her onto my lap

i said come here

then we made out

she had bad breath it was disgusting

then I stood up and took my shirt off

and I said

do you want to fuck

she mumbled something

I said what?

she said yes

but im not on birth control

i said ill pull out

i said lets go right here

and i bent her over the rock

idk man

then in my car she was necking me

and telling me

she loved me

and I was like 


i just feel like shit man

like I did something wrong

this actually happened man

shes like a 6


[font=arial, sans-serif][img=32x32]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-...AA/4252rscbv5M/s64-c-k/photo.jpg[/img][/SIZE]

That girl u showed me

Who u said loved u

I remember

Damn that's sick though

Bad breath is so gross

Scar Tissue

Jul 6, 2015
NoDadNotTonight said:
how are you still in contact with primo?

you know him irl?

we have daily discussions on gmail about things that happen to us and how to improve. This way we get all the best parts of looks theory without all the negative depressing gay lookism shit i read about here.

We've been on some breakthrough looks theory shit lately.