Stories like these make me...

Nov 6, 2015
... realize my teen years were wasted years. :ugh:

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]When i was 12 my couisin same age and male was staying at our place parents went out for the night , so we had a 19 year old babysitter.This was over 40 years ago.[/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]Bath time cousin and i were in the bath together and the babysitter came in to check on us ,she said we were still dirty so we had to stand up while she looked for dirt we missed and she washed it off for us. My cousin complained but i had a massive hard on,She watched while we dryed ourselfes properly,and got our pjs on[/font]
[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]We hads no tv so we played cards etc then my cousin started to complain that she had seen us but we had not seen her.[/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]She was short not very pretty big tits and a little plump but not fat,she was wearing a shirt and skirt. He jumped on her and told me to help i held her arms he sat on her legs and started to undo her shirt buttons, she struggled a bit but not as much as you would have thought. I was nearly cumming in my pants. he opened her shirt and pushed her bra up,they were the first tits we had seen they were massive with large nipples.

He started playing with her nipples and they shot out like pencils, i tried to get her shirt and bra off with her struggling not to hard,she said i was ripping her shirt so let her take it off herself and she would lay down again as long as we did nothing else.We said ok she sat up and took her shirt and bra off her tits were so firm even now 40 years later i do not think ive seen a better pair.She layed down as promised we both played with her tits she had her eyes closed and not struggerling much. I sid lets strip her nude its only fair as she has seen all of us,but u promissed she said we laughed and started to take her skirt off she tried to get us of but she could have tried a lot harder alright she said as long as you do not tell anyone,we agreed to that took her skirt and slip off
[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif] and she had on a pair of light blue nickers .

My cousins hands were shaking as he pulled down her knickers, he jumped off her and slid them over her feet,at this point she could have easly jumped up but she just lay there nacked i can not write down how i felt i thought i was having a heart attack i was s exited .We both knelt next to her she was blonde so had hardly any pubic hair i started to touch her and slid my fingers in she was wet i thought it was pee she stated to moan as i slid my figres in and out she grabbed my hand and started to push it faster and faster she let go and i kept going as fast as i could she started to buck and make strange crying noises i stopped she screamed at me dont stop please faster i did and she came over my hand and sceamed .We did not know what had happened she told us later about orgasms etc we promissed not to tell and she would show us some good stuff later.[/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]But she was never asked to babysit us agin then we hered she was getting married and having a baby. So there was no happy sequal to it.,but it is a great memory i had it remind with the last post.[/font]
[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]I honestly believe that my babysitter experience is what turned me into a flasher.[/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]My brother and I were babysat by the next door neighbor. I was about 6 and my brother was 10. She was probably 14 at the time and she was a real knockout. She had HUGE tits. But at the time I was way too young to know any better.[/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]Anyway, one day she was babysitting and we were outside running around in the sprinkler with her. She had on a skimpy orange string bikini. She came up to my brother and me and flashed her tits at us. I pretty much missed it and only got a glimpse. I begged her to do it again but she just smiled slyly and told me not to be a pervert. She then proceeded to take my brother into a tent that we had in the yard and fool around with him. Of course, I didn't get to go in and was really upset about it. I was too young to even know what they were doing but old enough to understand that I wanted to join in and wasn't allowed to. [/font]

[font=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]I remember being completely absorbed with being naked after that. I would stand in my second story bedroom window and pee out onto the roof. The sensation of knowing that someone could see me was amazing. I don't think that she single handedly turned me into a flasher. But it certainly planted a seed.[/font]
it could be fake, but sounds quite real. And even if it isn't, stuff like these happen.


Can you remember a single op from this guy
Jul 2, 2015
10/10 Would read again.