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starting to hate swarthy ethnics


Feb 6, 2016
Im ethnic myself but I look white and see myself as a white guy. All most all incidents I had with swarthy ethnics.
I have light brown hair and dark blue eyes and Im tall. Im living in west europe.

I never had problems with girls, most of my friends were ethnics, some never accepted me to be one of them. Sometimes I got discriminated by them and some saw me as a cuck because of my appearance. Im the opposite of that, never was afraid of fights. Most fights in the childhood I did have with other ethnics.

The reason I hate them are the following

1) they see me as cuck because they think all west europeans are cucks ( they are but Im not one of them )
2) they hate me because of my looks. They HATE white looking guys. Inferiority complex or some shit like that or because we should be with white girls and most prefer white guys over swarthy guys.
3) their biggest accomplishment is to get white girls especially blondes
4) their religion allows to cuck other races but not getting cucked by other believers
5) they want to take over europe and make everyone muslim. Im glad im not living in muslim country anymore

I had 2 incidents which made me to hate them even more. They were dark swarthy sandnigger or even indians

I saw at ethnics when they were walking with white girls, they directly grabbed the hand of the girls and gave me a big grin. This never happened with white guys.


Feb 1, 2016
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First Sentence: I'm ethnic myself but I look white and see myself as a white guy.