Sports gives you a stronger/longer endorphin rush than lifting

Sep 20, 2015
I've been playing sports for a few weeks now,

I play lacrosse in an adult league, take wrestling classes, and swimming as well.

After an hour of running non-stop in lacrosse, or 45 minutes of freestyle wrestling - just sparring with someone, I feel that post-exercise high WAY better than lifting.

Endorphin spike from lifting maybe lasts like 30 mins now. A spike after 50 minutes of lacrosse can last 6 hours for me, same with wrestling. 

There;s just something more rewarding about getting fit via teamwork and skill vs lifting progressively heavier blocks of iron

Also playing these sports is increasing my self-esteem (I don't feel as bad now for being single) AND making me lower inhibition. I swear the wrestling is reducing my inhibition rapidly. I find myself losing patience faster and mean mugging people more often LOL

Also I;m making FRIENDS in these sports. Everyone is welcoming and I already got invited to a wrestling dudes place to watch the upcoming UFC ppv night. 

Shit's legit.
Jan 19, 2016
I get a huge endorphin high from endurance sports. I never got much of an endorphin high from lifting. If you lift, you should NOT get a long endorphin hogh because that's not the point. If you do, you're probably overtraining.