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sage heralded transcendental
Oct 14, 2021
the questions pertaining to consciousness is what I. qualitative characteristic or does it serve a purpose? II. how's it efficacious in nature? II. assuming it is can it be quantitatively measured? IIII. how did it emerge? In this sense, I believe that there's no satisfactory answer. so, I'm inclined to believe that souls do exist and that they're immaterial spatio-temporal energy, while our physical bodies is the host container of the soul to inherit within the realm that we are entrapped in. without our bodies, there would be no sensory perception to be reached by the milieu encircling us, so consciousness is merely an expression of the physicality necessary for the spectral immaterial spirity that ,,lonely permeates" the universe. experience is not possible to occur without a priori existing observer to acknowledge it through reachable sensible senses. this ultimately leads to God through ongoing incoming initial causations that are exempt from the concept of time and creation in itself. as even the Universe is not possible to have occurred without a priori existing point to be experienced through itself. the universe and God is intertwined, neither created each other, nor it was necessary one another for one to exist. both are one and exists mutually. our experiences and existence is the reflection of the infinite Ouroborus.