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Some thoughts on personality


Nov 21, 2015
Personality is highly attributed to your looks. A 7/10 dude that gets constantly validated by his environment will develop high self-esteem , extraversion and generally good social skills. He will be overconfident with women , he will tease them and make witty comments while they will nervously try to impress him.

an average looking dude will never develop the ''alpha'' personality of a Chad as he will never have his experiences. The feedback he gets from women are looks of despise and apathy. The average looking dude has been taught that needs to be funny, patient and respect women to compensate with the lack of attraction .If he attempts to mimic the ''alpha'' personality (which is basically what PUA teaches you) he will fail and be labeled as a creep. 

Good looking aspie dudes are a rarity.  Even in this forum all top tier dudes are Slayers with the exception of a few who were shut in due to environment (parents don't give a fuck about them or are poor) 

You have to realize that as a rule the average man can't beat a Chad when they antagonize

their personalities are not even comparable to say that someone might have a better one. 

Personality matters only inbetween your league , and doesn't mean crap when a better looking dude is interested (or fakes it ) to your looksmatch. Ofc women won't drop their boyfriends if they aren't sure that Chad is truly interested but many of them would still fuck him in some girls night out or through Tinder. Cause average(beta) is simply not enough and usually comes with an average(beta) personality.