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social rejection from mid face deficient people doesn't bother me anymore

Sep 22, 2015
With my shyness and social anxiety, being around same age group of the opposite gender that work blue collar jobs like Starbucks or a receptionist, or any of those low tier people with high social skills had been a source of discomfort at times because of how much better their social skills are than mine and when they giggle or make a comment aimed at me, but ambiguously put, I had always been befuddled as to how to react appropriately, without calling them a bitch while grabbing a hold of their neck, which by the way is apparently not appropriate.

Their perception of you causes them behave insolently with you, because they think you might be some kind of high functioning retard when you're really just very socially awkward. 

When I became good at judging people's forward growth and facial development, I felt more empowered knowing my judgment is more objective than theirs. Theirs is stabbing holes in the dark, while I can pinpoint their exact flaws right on the spot.

Not bothered by a horse-face bitch laughing at me or a bug-eyed ethnik looking down on me because I accidentally spilled coffee on the floor.

Yea I know this is an autistic thread...