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Social Dynamics explained by German Proverbs


Jul 5, 2015
There are two German Proverbs that basically sum up social interaction.

"Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern."

Meaning "Like and Like likes to hang out".

And "Gegensätze ziehen sich an". "Opposites attract each other".

I think the former is true for social circle in general.
You can only really make friends with people that share the same basic personality type with you, are about the same looks level, height, socio economic status yada yada.

All other people you can tolerate and be neutral towards, but thats it.

The latter holds true for relationships. Genetic diversification is one of the prime principles of sexual attraction. And likewise you want your sexual partner to have a very different hormonal profile than yours. High T attracts High E basically.

But this of course holds true for personality as well.