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Slaying is for 30+ years old


Jul 28, 2018
I'm sure you thought this was an oldcel cope when you read the title but fear not it isn't. Once you hit 30+ years old your life is over since life pretty much ends at 30. But when you are in your teens/20s you can live a fulfilling life since you're young you can also have happy beautiful relationships and young love. You should maximize your young love in your teens/20s by haveing fullfilling relationships with a loving girlfriend. Yous should do thing like travel to Paris and Rome run through the streets with your jb-early 20s girlfriend and have a beautiful experience being in love. Once you hit 30 that is when you can really no longer have any kind of loving relationship and at that point things are only physical you will not have a beautiful relationship at 30+ so you might as well just slay at that age and fuck as many girls as you want since even if your pair bonding gets fucked up it doesn't matter.