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Saw a white 8/10 in shape Staff Sgt with a fat wife.


Jul 25, 2015
This guy had a good looking ( no homo ) WASPy Hollywood good guy sort of face, he wasn't super masculine but could have easily played the good white guy character in a movie.

He was about 5'10" or 5'11" from 180 to 200 lbs lean with a good build it's hard to tell his exact height since he looked tall since I was seated while he was giving a class, but then when he stood next to his wife she was taller then he was ( and he was in boots so she had to be 6'0"+ and he looked to be a little bit above average height but nothing to tall when standing near other people ) also it's hard to guess his weight based on the ACU's he is in, but you could tell he had a good build, thick chest, strong shoulders although his neck was kind of penciley and not that big.

He was a really nice and friendly guy he's a soldier and he offered people rides back to their barracks even though he would have nothing to gain from it just because he wants to be helpful. Talks about his kids a lot and seems really squared away.

Yet when his wife came in she was big, she was tall probably 6'1"ish she was taller then he was while he is in boots. She had a really good face and blonde hair and big t and a but she had a big waist and kind of chubby arms. Also after she was gone he said as you can see my wife is not a small Ms Petite sort of implying that he is aware she is big.

So lookism can this be explained? Is this a smart reproducing strategy for good sons ( her face was good, her female parts are good showing fertility and she has a large frame which is good for sons ), is it just a fetish, or has hypergamy just gotten so out of control that now even high LMS guys have to beta provide 170 lbs women. Or is it just proof that you need to be super DOM masculine these days?


Jul 4, 2015
Misc is back everybody.

Our prodigal son has come home