Roots of Opinion

Jul 1, 2015
Analysis is rooted in suffering, when something is bothering you, you identify the issue and proceed to try and find a solution to it. Youre genuinly interested in finding a true solution that works because it would be to your benefit since youre suffering from the problem so you think and analyze on ways to solve it.

But having an opinion can be rooted in other things than being related to a solution to something that affects you directly.

Group identity based opinion is basically when you adopt opinion(s) in order to gain acceptance by a group. Youre not too concerned with the actual problem at hand because the problem related to the opinion does not affect you directly in any significant way. The purpose of upholding the opinion is primarily a social mechanism to maintain acceptance by the group. When encountering a disenting opinion the reaction is not to enter into a rational conversation but to protect the interest of the group on the basis of continued membership. Reacting to the issue is on the basis of protecting group identity by for example trying to silence disenting views and by trying to center discussions around topics that have established dualities so that they can perpetuate the debate and thus avoid reaching a conclusion.

All too often you see people who have opinions rooted from actually having analyzed a problem with people who have opinions that are based on group identity, debate with one another and for obvious reasons the discussions are pointless because the only way for the people with the group based opinions to understand is if they are sufficently affected by the problem themselves.

Obviously different people can reach radically different conclusions on how to solve a problem while being equally vested in the issue. But its my belief that a majority of people have their opinions rooted in belonging to a social group and not because they have identified a problem that they want to solve.

Someone could even be suffering from a problem but value belonging to the group more because the privelege of belonging to the group outweighs the suffering from the problem.

Brotha Techno

Dec 31, 2015
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