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Nov 5, 2018
First post, been lurking as a guest for a while, 

But anyways to the point what can someone expect to look like after there first cycle of test e 500mg, I know it depends on genes, height, frame etc,  I know face rules all but getting down to low % will have  changes to your face. But going to cycle so most likely, 2 cycles a year or so, with a good pct anti estrogen, test e etc 
Also is a dht blocker worth it on a cycle?
Been lifting for nearly a year, lost a ton of weight, basically skinny fat rn my fault but oh well but I’m gonna cut down till there’s no fat left, obviously I’ll lose a lot of muscle but it’s only a temp thing.

Anyone have personal experience, befores/afters pictures?

@"RoidRob" Maybe you can give some advice To the proper expectations.
Also what should someone do before jumping on, apart from researching the cpompunds themselves etc. I’ve got my t levels test a few days back, plus with other general health stuff. But I feel I have a lot of the low t symptoms, legit no energy among other things, everything came back fine, bloods were all good.