Refuge rapes 15 year old girl in Switzerland and goes to prison...


Jul 27, 2015
1 Zurich for 4 years. But there he meets 32 year old female guard (Angela Magdici) who falls in love with him and decides to help him escape. At night when the other female guard wants to sleep on her shift, Angela released Hassan and together they escaped, using BMW X1 that Angela took from her 25 year old husband.

In the last three months they got separated because the husband said that she became very aggressive and unfriendly. Hunsband thinks she could've become muslim during this time but her friends say that she is buddhist.

Husband thinks they may have gone to Syria where Hassan is from.

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A refugee rapes 15 year old girl goes to prison for 4 years and gets 2 females guards that guard him at night. Then one guard goes to sleep while other escapes with the prisoner and they find out about it the next morning.


Here is Hassan and Angela