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Redpill:Native americans are the only attractive race


Jun 30, 2015
any extremely handsome white man can pass as Noth american native american and looks native american(Opry,Ballou,Chico,Marlon Teixeira,early Chad white,johnny depp all look 100 % native american).any Extremely handsome asian,mulatto or eurasian man looks more native american than his own race...same for handsome mulattos and beautiful women of these races.all.every single one.every damn one can pass more like a native than their own so called race by a  far margin especially if you chk for features and bone structure instead of colouring or hair .

Every single male  physichal ideal from features(eyes,cheekbones,full lips,Brow ridge,forward projection) or body(tall,V,Broad shoulders) belong to native americans(wether you subscribe to pretty boy or DOM theory)including colouring(Black hair and golden skin)(hence why top models tend to look native american).....

Native americans are like  the amalgation of human ideal features and vice--versa..any attractive person must look native american to be truly attractive.

this is a fact proven by looks science,period.any of the ideal futures wich make a attractive man or woman are just base traits found in northern aboriginals.