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Aug 12, 2015
Me and my friend decided to take some MDMA, but not going party. The thing is that when you use MDMA for partying it just creates an artificial love for the world, especially if you mix it with alcohol. My friend has the same perspective on life as me, which makes the experience more "true". If you can express yourself and communicate with a person with the same views as you, the experience will be amazing. 

We took a bomb, and after 45 minutes the comeup was intense, nausea was there, but that is just your body trying to handle the new state of consciousness. So you just have to embrace the feelings you get. To begin with you will have some euphoria, and might get some whole-body orgasms. But the real deal is when you gain this higher state of consciousness. Me and my friend talked for 10 hours, about everything, in a very true and open manner. The clarity in my mindstate was intense, and I was able to connect thoughts in my brain like never before. It was like I experienced an ephiphany. 

I accepted how fake most people are, how society is a prison. It is like the fog has vanished. The bitterness is gone, people are fake and superficial because society made them this way. I accept they dont know better. If you do MDMA the right way, it is not an escape from the reality, but a chemical amplication of what is already there.