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Redditor defends his girlfriend after she gets triple-teamed at a 'sex party'.


Feb 12, 2016

I have been dating this girl for 4 months and we have an extremely strong bond. She's wicked smart, funny, endearing, and I can see myself going the distance with her. She is very sex positive and one of the things I found attractive about her was the fact that she could enjoy sex with a person and take it at face value.

Fast forward to last week, she tells me she got invited to a sex party. When we talked about bucket lists and kinks, this was one of hers. While this felt very early in the relationship to be doing this, we agreed that she may not get this opportunity again and should at least show up. I wasn't necessarily enthused, but she said that if I ran along an opportunity to explore my rare kink, she would want me to take it.


She had a great time. She knew a lot of the people and apparently it was a small, safe, comfortable gathering. She stayed for a decent amount of time and ended up having sex with three guys (separately). She was totally safe and only did things that she wanted.
I'm really glad that she had a good experience, but I can't help feeling really, really weird about it. We have the most fantastic sex either of us have ever had. We embrace each others kinks, and for two historically cum-shy people we pop off like nobodies business.