Dec 24, 2019
still has all those old selfies and shit from everybody larps from alain and me which we trolled with, tons of pictures his gallery which were posted on here ages ago instead of selfies with his friends/girls (which dont exist btw prolly), idk how u open your gallery and dont think to yourself "damn my life really is pathetic as fuck with a compilation gallery of total strangers in here i will literally never see in my pathetic life"

just imagine if he had a friend or a girl and he left his phone unlocked while going to the bathroom fking cage lmao

posts cringe statistics nobody cares about and stuff about whites/blacks nobody cares about either except incel theorists

to cope with his boring pathetic perma-virgin social outcast life he copes with "status" and reps on a forum of deformities just like a year ago when i left

20k posts in 3 months, says literally everything you need to know about his life alone but i wanted to remind him

and after probably 40,000 posts from his alts combined i guess not a single pixel of his pathetic face or anything cause he knows it literally will disprove everything he ever said

and now when he got banned for some reason hes crying because of his ACCOUNT ON AN INCEL FORUM LMFAO just imagine his face and how he looks like

// Infolinks