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Realceldom (incel/truecel/jawcel/heightcel, etc) vs mentalceldom (nonlooksbased)

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Oct 27, 2015
Where do you fit in?

Realceldom (incel, truecel, jawcel, midfacecel, chincel, jawcel, heightcel, blackcel, indcel, asiancel, framecel, etc) vs Mentalceldom (nonlooksbasedcel, vocel, idiotcel, etc):

R: "The girl I approached online/at night IRL seemed as if she liked me but once she saw me in motion/in the light, she didn't make any effort to make the date go well, then she started flaking on me"
M: "I don't need to approach women to know what they think of my looks. I've done enough Lookism.net studies. How do you even approach anyway? Do you just walk up and kiss them? wtf do you do? How do you talk to people who aren't your parents?"

R: "I've given up approaching girls because of the 100s of knockbacks I've gotten. I'm obviously not attractive"
M: "I refuse to approach women. They should approach me"

R: "She said she likes guys of any race, then I asked her if she 'd ever dated or been intimate with a guy of my race, and she said "No". Then she rejected me.
M: "This 6.5/10 Asian/mulatta wants to suck my pre-children from out of my nutsack but...guise..you know....I'm only attracted to the very women who reject me: white ones / 8/10s / hqnp derp"

R: "I became high inhibition because of my looks. I was rejected by girls from an early age"
M: "I can't speak to women. Too high inhibition. But I will admit that if I did speak to women, I'd probably do ok"

R: "I'd just be happy to go up 2-3 points in looks TBH. Obv, the more the better"
M: "I will spend the rest of my trust fund on surgeries so that I can look like a morph. Despite never being called ugly/treated "ugly" "

R: "I regret rejecting the 1/10 Treacher Collins who approached me back in the day. I thought that I deserved at least a 5+. I wish I knew how low my SMV was back then. I would have aimed for 1-5s."
M: "This girl at a club called me hot, so I stood up, walked away a little bit then faced the wall for 43 minutes. What did I do wrong guys? Am I aspie?"


Jan 22, 2016
Invisible said:

deal with it