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Aug 31, 2015
Moulds were cast from Napoleon's skull shortly after his death.  This is what his skull looked like. 


Napoleon's original death mask was created on 7 May 1821,[1] a day and a half after he died on the island of St. Helena at age 51.[1] Surrounding his deathbed were doctors from France and the UK.

It is commonly believed that Dr. Antommarchi (one of the many doctors that encircled Napoleon's deathbed) cast the original "parent mould",[1] which would spawn many bronze copies. Some historians dispute this, claiming that the surgeon Francis Burton, of Britain's Sixty-Sixth Regiment at St. Helena, cast the original mould and it was Dr. Burton, too, who presided at the emperor's autopsy.[1] Antommarchi obtained from his British colleagues a secondary plaster mould from Burton's original cast. With his own mould, Antommarchi later made, in France, copies of the death mask in both bronze and plaster.[1]

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