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Rate my cephalometric imaging

Nuke Dukem

Dec 5, 2020
I recently had a consultation with a maxfac at Walter Reed regarding bimax surgery. I have been consulting with overseas surgeons but I decided to at least attempt to get the military to do the surgery instead of paying out of pocket. The staff at Walter Reed were outstanding and after taking a lot of x-ray and photographic imagery they sent my case to a board of 18 surgeons for approval. The process can take several weeks. My primary complaints are poor sleep quality (snoring, nightmares about being crushed/smothered/drowned followed by waking up gasping) and difficulty swallowing. I had a sleep study in 2016 and strangely they detected no apnea but I had 19 awakenings from snoring. Also, my post-nasal drip gets jammed up in my throat and I'm constantly hacking up loogies, which gets difficult to do discreetly at work and when out on dates.

I'm hoping for some feedback from @Surgerymax, @Sergio-OMS and others about the specifics of my bone structure i.e. SNA, SNB and any other relevant info about the appearance of my airway so that I am knowledgeable about the "medical necessity" of my case. There's a high probability that the military will decline the case since I don't have a documented history of sleep apnea so I want to be armed with real data if I have to appeal. I have a class 1 occlusion after a successful orthodontic treatment that ended about a year ago and I wear my retainers regularly.

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