Slayer Quote from a book from 1968


Aug 2, 2020
"Why are you sleeping with so many women? Doesn't it get boring?"
"Well, it's hard to explain... but to make it simple, when you have so many possibilities surrounding you it becomes extremely difficult not to take advantage. Do you understand? The sun sets, the girls go out for a drink. They are looking for something that I can offer them. It's really easy you know. It's just as easy as drinking water from the tap. It's a childs game to pick them up, they're all waiting for the same thing. Are you capable of having such opportunities pass you by when they present to you in that way?"

So much for incels doing mental gymnastics of how slayers had a shit childhood, or not enough affection or whatever makes you sleep at night. People who are doing it are doing it because it's just THAT easy.