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Pubertycel - Optimize further growth


Apr 17, 2016

I believe the topic we're going to discuss here is one of the most important ones for all the incels here who are under like 22-25. Since next to trash genetics poor development is the main reason for incel looks, we should really investigate how to get the maximum growth out of the years you are still developing.

I intend this thread to be a place to gather information for the latter topics, and I would like to invite everyone who can contribute constructively to post information here.

The occasional post here, common sense and google searches indicate that lifting, healthy nutrition and a good hormonal profile build at least the foundation. Lifting is easy, proper nutrition is more complicated and that hormone shit gets nasty quick if you don't study biochemistry. 

Hence I want to concentrate on two fields of information first, since for lifting you just have to get your ass to the gym and read a bit on bb.com.

1. Where do you get legit information on nutrition? Like 99% of books on that topic are dogmatic, not backed up by actual science and propose the same diet for everyone, even though there is quite big differences in what different people should eat. Please recommend books/sources that deal with nutrition on a highly objective level. I'm especially looking for information about how to find out what kind of diet suits me personally.

2. A guide on hormone maxing would be a very valuable contribution to this forum, as it is one of the core factors in determining a persons personality/looks. As we are mainly looking to improve that, it should be obvious that there is no successful looksmaxing without hormonemaxing.
When I'm talking about hormonemaxing I don't mean taking T or HGH, but about influencing it via lifestyle choices, nutrition and supplementation. Of course taking hormones is a viable option, but should be done with consultation of a doc.

I'm going to post something on that topic, but not now as I have to read for that. Also I only have blurry semi-knowledge, but it's still going to be very sophisticated compared to the rest of this shithole of a forum.

Another thing, I think a great source for information on how to grow more masculine is female to male tranny docs, forums and such. I will do some research the next weeks maybe, but you should do too.

btw I'm just thinking about dressing up as a woman (I have beautiful hips) and getting a free counseling session hahaha.

Anyways, I'm gonna sleep. If there is existing threads on that, feel free to post links. ty and good nights

Earl Sanders

Sep 19, 2015
Don't eat sugar, drink beer, eat processed shit, omega 6 vegi oils,  or soy.

Good fucking luck. now u see why ur puberty got so fucked with all these ingredients in everything

Legit Theory

Dec 4, 2015
drinking water is everything. 70% of UK children don't have proper hydration during development


Dec 8, 2015
do: play sports and sweat in the sun for hours, lift, drink roughly a gallon of water daily, eat unprocessed meat, eggs, nuts, and greens

don't: sit down all day, eat junkfood/sugar

you could really just watch a documentary on how indians and our more primal ancestors lived, that will show you the bare necessities and foundation for a healthy manly mind/body

don't be anal about cherrypicking ur own diet lmao just make sure you have the foundation which is water meat eggs greens and nuts. after you have those then go to the grocery and get some good tasting fresh fruit or whatever the fuck you want that isn't microwaved in plastic, processed, or in a box.

i like steamed carrots grapes pineapple watermellon blueberries and strawberries. once you eliminate most of the cancerous microwaved-in-plastic estrogenic sugar shits then you only have a narrow selection