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Always Mewing
Jul 19, 2015
I'll put it as simple, as it's possible.

One women and many men = death, since women can only give one birth each 9 months.
Many women and one men = progress, since one men can impregnate many women in short time.
This is nature.
Nature tends to lead to life, not death.

People created organised societies.
That societies had many rules, people were obligated to obey.
Some of that rules touched their sexuality.
Since that, people couldn't act naturally.

Now sexual rules are erased.
People make sexual decisions only in accordance to their nature.
Many women have sex with few best men.
Since many men are not necessary, nature will let the weakest die.

This is you and me, incels.

Stages of future:

1. death of incels

1.1 It is currently beginning. We spend our prime years in loneliness. That never happened on that scale before.
1.2 We become infertile, due to shit food, lack of healthy activities, depressions, etc. It's over buddy boyos. In the meantime polygamy is legalised.
1.3 We die without leaving any offspring.

2. new society

2.1 Some women live in polygamic marriages with single chads, but most of them are still raised in old monogamic fashion and want traditional relationship. Polygamy is percieved as something OK, but still not quite normal, just like homosexual marriages now.
2.2 Half of women live in polygamic marriages. Polygamy is considered normal. Every 8+ Chad has many wifes, simply because he can. Only men of lower value have one girlfriend. Since that, women in monogamic marriages are percieved as losers. Monogamy simply becomes sing of female low value.
2.3 90% of women live in polygamic marriages. Only plenty of best men have sex (with many girls). Sub8s are incels and losers.