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Pokemon Go field report - Played yesterday

May 10, 2016
(Not my pics)

The game syncs with the real world map. You have to walk around to find "Pokestops" where you get pokeballs, and sometimes people drop "Lures" so that pokemon appear quickly.

When pokemon appear on the map you have to wave your camera/smartphone around to find them, like this. But you can also turn off this feature.


I saw shitloads of people playing. I went to a Pokestop and someone dropped a Lure, there was 50 people there, all obviously playing, you could see it on their screens.

There was a decent amount of hot bitches but a lot of Asians... but thats normal for my city.

I did NO approaches :lol:

I realized instantly that if you want to approach girls playing this game, you need to switch the conversation to something else immediately, because there is nothing to talk about. The game is very dumb and asinine.