Peptides as an alternative to fin (GHK-CU, TB500, IGF-1)

Jul 2, 2015

After a bunch of research i've found 3 peptides that have testimonials concerning the regrowth and/or stagnancy of hairloss.

Those peptides are TB500, Copper (GHK-CU) and IGF-1

Copper peptide seems to have the most solid evidence in terms of hair regrowth, many say it's akin to 5% minoxodil

TB500 I am currently using, my scalp has been less itchy and although it may be placebo, my hair seems thicker and healthier

IGF-1 Would regrow hair possibly in the same way that HGH would, probably only works for older people.

Apparently scalp injections are where the results are at, i'm not game enough to try scalp injections as I fear they might fuck up my hair.