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People like you because of who you are, not because of what you do


Always Mewing
Jul 19, 2015
I doesn't matter so much what you do. It matter who you are. And who you are is the image of you in other people mind. That image is mostly created by your looks. You are what you look like. This is the base of who you are. What you do is important, but its secondary.

Who you are is status. Status = mostly looks.

Who is liked more? Stupid bimbo celebrity from instagram, who only post the pictures of her ass or scientist that discovered cure for polio?
Do you know the name of the men who made first bath tube? Do you know the name of the men who made the first car? No. Noone cares, even thought everyone uses their discoveries. People care about good looking ones. People care about pretty models from instagram, who do NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING except taking photos of themselves. They know their names.

In my favourite band - Suede - there was a guitarist, who wrote most songs and a handsome keyboard player, who wrote two songs on album. Who do you think recieved more attention? Who got more fans? Of course handsome one.

Is it something wrong? Its just the human nature. If you want other reaction from people around you, you have to change who you are first.