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Oh, the color of your name is determined, by what group you rep

Jun 29, 2015
fuck i'm low iq I will pretend to be oldcel because I like the color bird green is also good, some groups don't have colors though


Inceldom has completely took over every single aspect of my existence. I cannot continue like this, I am not mentally strong enough and I lack the desire. Goodbye to th is cruel world, I cant stand this anymore. I wake up every morning feeling fatigued and emotionless as if I needed any more pain in my life. I feel like I have been molested tbh, not having the warmth of a woman has completely blinded me from happiness and I am at my wits end. Farewell my time is done. My dad is inheriting me 2.5 million but whats the point guys? I have messed up teeth and I am norwooding faster than usain bolt.

I'm a midget, so I have to love girls that are taller than me. When I look at my girlfriend when she is wearing no shoes, my eye level is at her waist. I have to sit in a high chair to fit at the dinner table! And my girl friend is so much stronger than me! She treats me like a baby just because I am 26 and haven't hit puberty. I am so weak that my 2 year old brother is much taller and much, much stronger. He is closer to puberty than I am. there is stuff that he can easily pick up with one hand, that I can't lift off the ground with two hands. Though as much as my girl friend, and every one else in the world is superior to me, I still like her. Best quote ever found by poobear


Sep 11, 2015
name color is a HALO

green names look like admins/moderators and pop out more