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Official Weight Loss Thread

Chirag Narang

Jun 30, 2015
In this thread I will document my progress to an ideal weight range of single digit bf

to start out honest... this is what i had for breakfast today

am I ashamed? absolutely not. i fucking love beer and I would drink it every day. rolling rock is piss beer but it's my go-to for chugging or getting me out of bed if I have the shakes

Anyhow my gut is starting to become a serious problem. I need to lose some weight FAST if I ever want to feel the inside of a vagina.

The rest of the day my meals were:

-Lunch 1 half of a chicken pesto sandwich (6 inches on on a sub roll)

-Dinner another chicken sandwich but the chicken was broiled instead of grilled

-after dinner snack: hummus and a Quest bar

I didn't keep track of my calories or protein today but I will start tomorrow