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NT matters more in promiquity than in cold approach or online dating

Apr 1, 2016
Yes - in precisely the same environment where it is not necessary to be NT to create attraction, it is also where being NT matters the most

Being NT is of less importance the longer you have known someone and the quality of how you know them .......as well as less important in more one on one interactions..........however being NT Does help in both situatiions. In larger groups - especially the more superficial social groups being NT is of the utmost importance

Now you might ask how is Cold Approach not the king of being NT?? the answer is that due to the lack of promiquity in a cold approach, ANYTHING you do is going to have minimal effect. Being the dancey monkey NT crazy fun dude does not get people laid. One barely funny line in promiquity beats out 10 funny lines in cold approach.

The other reason being that cold approach attraction is manly looks based still not NT ---- with a caveat the only form of NT based that matters is being sexually aggressive and leading. Being not afraid to sexually escalate is the one area of cold approach that being NT cannot be understated. But being cocky funny and the life of the party and all that is bullshit 

Now for online dating - being NT is completely fucking overrated for the first. interestingly, Despite being preselected already on your looks - the actual date itself is STILL all looks based. Another thread for itself.

Now to further my point of promiquity winning again as it always does

Second, third, 4th dates - and relationships is where being NT matters the most.

Girls will fuck hot boring guys but will not tolerate a guy in promiquity for a relationship unless he is fun and NT.  Or she's cheating on the boring guy. The NT guy you would think would also be more likely to pass relationship shit tests and hold better frame to keep the pussy wet. aka basically game matters the most in a relationship not cold approach.