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NT Confidence formula: Overrating attractiveness + lack of self reflection + booze


Jul 19, 2015
Neurotypical Confidence Guide/Formula.

[size=medium]Since a lot of people don't want to read much on this forum - sadly...I have been theorizing about neurotypical confidence.[/size]

[size=medium]First: Overrating attractiveness.[/size]

[size=medium]NT's overrate themselves in terms of looks and most probably in terms of positive qualities about themselves as well. They don't compare themselves to high end male fashion (super) models. Also, they don't think in terms of black-or-white-aspie style ("Either I look like a male 10 or I am butt ugly)..they know they are not A-List hollywood goodlooking but they rate themseles as really attractive, and they don't view things in extremes either (no PSL thinking such as "all women are hypergamous, there is no hope, etc.").[/size]

[size=medium]Second: They lack critical reflection.[/size]

When NTs get blown out they don't really blame it on their looks. It may be that they know somehwere deep inside that they are not good looking enough but they surpress it or just don't aknowledge the thought as a coping mechanism to keep their confidence and that good feeling about themselves...(while they are deluded ..thinking they are good looking).

They blame it on the girl or just approach, when they are really sure that the woman is giving them obvious signs. OR they approach in a way that is destined to get a rejection and then they laugh about it as if they have provoked it and wanted to annoy the girl (a lot of ethniks do this)

The last things that they really think about is their facial flaws, deficiencies in their looks etc. They jjust don't have those thoughts like "my nose is too big she wont like me". Remember, they MAY have a bit of normal anxiety since rejection always hurts but it's not as specific and not focussed on facial flaws.

Third. Booze to become low inhib, good mood, and kill their last doubts about not being enough with women

NTs do have doubts and are not always low inhib. Thats why they drink in big groups to get a good mood going. It also kills the last sheds of inhibitions, their inner critic is mute and everything is fine.

Then mass approachens and/or looking for obvious signs, testing the water and then going for the approach.