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Now booking my revision jaw surgery consults


hairloss expert
Jul 14, 2015
Excited. Got my hair growing back. FROST ready and waiting for once I hit NW1. Bulking nicely on steroids. Time to focus on my mess of jaws.

I'm going to aim to do at least 5+ consultations before I let anyone operate. So I'm booking local surgeons first. I figure seeing a few locally first will give me a better impression for what's reasonable to hope for. After that, I will go to see Gunson and a few Korean doctors and decide.

First consult is scheduled for September, 2016. Everyone's got longer wait lists than I anticipated. Gonna also start planning ahead for when I can book off to see Gunson and also fly to Korea.

It feels good even just to line some of this stuff up. Feels like things are in motion.

Probably gonna take 6 months at least to get all the consults in given all the wait lists and flights needed. If you're doing the same, be patient and plan ahead!