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Noticed that White men fight with honour, ethnics use underhanded tactics?

May 10, 2016
When White armies fight each other: Ordered, honour-based combat

White armies march towards each other in plain sight and kill each other with dignity:

When White men want to settle a dispute they have a gentlemanly duel:

Germanics had duels to settle disputes, with certain rules such as whoever gets first blood loses, or first to have their shields broken.


Notice if you look through this wikipedia about duels you don't see a section for ethnics :hi:

Now, when ethnics fight they use deception.

In the Vietnam war, Charlie squats in the bushes... or in a hole

Or they set booby traps to kill American soldiers without confronting them


Chinese military bible Art of War: "All war is based on deception"


Who are the bigger pack-attackers, Arabs or Niggers? The jury is out...

Why don't ethnics fight with honour? I'll tell you why.

It's because when White people fight, it's for a purpose. It has meaning. It is to settle a dispute or conflict.

When ethnics fight, it's just ethnics gonna ethnic. Ethnics only care about staying alive so they can propagate. An ethnic will NEVER die for an ideal, for a purpose, or as a patriot.