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Noticed strong fluctuation in IOIs

Jul 6, 2015
When I go around I always check how often I got checked out by females. I know that men tend to overrate glances and IOIs in general but I got a theory:
Females have a way bigger field of view, they can notice attractive males without directly looking at them. If you are unattractive to a woman you will be invisible to her, she won't even look at you, not even a glance. The duration of a look is a good indicator, too. Females who are attracted to you will look you some time right in the eyes, some will even stare. 

My problem is that the amount of looks I get are really fluctuating. Some days they are literally staring at me and checking me out really often, some days after that they ignore me as if am invisible. Same girls though. Maybe a week difference at maximum. No haircut or clothing change though.