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Normies Are Insecure as FUCK


Lookism God
Oct 28, 2015
U guys think incels are insecure. You dont know the depths of insecurity in normies hearts.

A normie once fearfully, anxiously and angrily said that I came to steal his job since i had better stats than him. 

Another time I was doing handstrength with a normie and was about to beat him and he pulled out saying its a tie just as I was going to overpower him.

These cunts CANNOT take getting Amog and act loud and brutish to compensate for their severe inferiority complex.
 My advice is to dish out to them if they give u shit since they cunts are
SEVERELY INSECURE and SCARED SHITLESS of a man with a backbone who will not take their shit. 
They are MORE scared than incels in my opinion, its just that they hide it better 
and have more ppl supporting them