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No questions asked looksmaxing routines



Purpose of this thread is to elaborate on looksmaxing techniques about which we can agree are universally a good idea to implement. By this I mean that there does not seem to be any reasonable objections to their use by anyone who is at all concerned with enhancing their appearance. Typically there is a combination of three positive factors -- that they produce significant improvements in one's facial appearance, are nearly always effective, and have no significant factors that prevent one from adopting them e.g. high cost or time investment.

1. Retin-A/Retinol cream -- Shit just works. This isn't something like exfoliation or cleansing the result of which seem highly variable and unclear as to whether it benefits you or not. If you use retinol everyday, your skin quality will be noticably improved. Unfortunately I can't find an image for this online that doesn't seem to be highly doctored or pointed towards an older audience, but from my own personal experience, it's like having the skin of a late teenager again (I am 24.)

2. Beta-Carotene supplementation/consumption-- There are a few studies on this, but all you really need to see is this picture.
 Carotene makes skin 'glow' and appear a heathly, tanned colour and further works to conceal somewhat major flaws in the face (e.g. recessed eyes)  

Debatable options are Mewing and implementing good posture. While personally I consider Mike Mew to be legit, and for adult Mewing to, in the worst case, help prevent age resultant decline in facial appearance, there is some significant disagreement here, and both of these options are actually deceptively difficult to implement on a regular basis and so can't really be said to be things which ANY looksmaxxer should be implementing. The same goes for working out, increasing one's neck width.
Jul 2, 2015
is there proof that beta-carotene in pill form is even legit?
the picture above is manipulated with photoshopped for the sake of the study