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Nihilism is the only legit philosophy


Jan 31, 2016
Nihilism - belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated.
Basically everything in your brain you cannot prove logical existence of it. 

Universe = You can't prove (resort to trust science and math authority)
Existence = You can't prove (resort to Darwin or religion)
Imagination = You can't prove (resort to nuerological explanation)
Consciousness = You can't prove (resort to naive perception)
Determinism & Free will = Can't prove both (resport to quantum mechanics and magic mushroom)

What you have to realize that you don't know shit about anything. Since nothing can be proved with 100% accuracy, because we human are so insignificant to the scale of the Universe. Your existence of 100 years and 2-3 inches inside vagina holes is worth zero contribution in terms of logical explanation of the whole existence of your consciousness. 

Cliff: the moment you think you know something you're bullshitting yourself. You don't know anything.