New info I found about carotenoids + the ultimate in looksmaxxing beverages


Dec 21, 2015
More than any other single looks factor, pasty white skin with acne is THE NUMBER ONE visual marker of nerd status among young people. Since I started thinking about coloration, I notice guys with fairly good bone structure and good eye areas being destroyed by unappealing skin all the time.

Redness, yellowness, darkness (recap):

Ideal coloring for men is redder, yellower, and darker than ideal coloring for women. Dark, yellow, red skin is sexually dimorphic. It makes you look like you have good test levels, are physically active (good blood circulation, sun exposure), and have a good diet (vegitables). Evidence originally posted by user copecel:

Coloring is known to be important to sexual selection in many species (flamingos are the best example). It makes sense that it would be important for us too.

Better coloring can be achieved with carotenoids, most importantly beta carotene (yellow, in carrots), astaxanthin (red, in lobster), and however you prefer to get tan.

There are many other carotenoids ranging in color between yellow and red and some have other added benefits. User Brostrom pointed out that
Fucoxanthin has similar effects to beta carotene and has been proven to reduce weight in clinical studies. So you get double benefit from a single supp.
Melanotan II is the most effective way to promote melanin while minimizing sun damage. Here is a thread about getting darker:

Play around with your red, yellow, dark ratios until you think it looks good and/or you seem to get a better response from people. If you have shit skin, this legit has the potential to hugely change the way people mentally categorize you at first sight. Don't overdue it and make yourself look like a retard.

Carotenoid absorption:

Carotenoids accumulate in the fat just below your skin.

Carotenoids are fat soluble, so you will see results faster if you have a high fat diet and take carotenoids with meals. 

Carotenoids are competitive in their absorption, so if you're taking more than one (astaxanthin and beta carotene), it's best to alternate between them every three days or so when you're first starting and want fast absorption.

Corotenoids are excreted through pee and sweat. If you're impatient with how long it's taking to see changes, drink very little, don't exercise, run keto tier fat intake, and megadose on one carotenoid at a time by taking a few capsules every couple hours for a few days to get a jump start on bio-accumulation, and then do the same with the next one you want to load.

Beta carotene takes much longer to accumulate than astaxanthin, and it stays in your tissue longer before fading away. This may be because beta-carotene is a carotene and astaxanthin is a Xanthophyll. Carotenes and Xanthophylls are the two major categories of carotenoid. Fucoxanthin is another interesting Xanthophyll. Someone who is starting with pale skin could test Fucoxanthin to see if it also absorbs quickly.

Actual example of improvement:

Increased melanin and yellowness is crucial to this transformation:


Just lol if you call yourself incel because "life is written in bone" and your skin tone and quality are shit.

Looksmaxing beverage:

Low sodium vegetable juice does three things for you: it gives you a major source of potassium to reduce water retention in your face (see my thread on leanness:, it takes care of some of your fluid intake for the day (hydration helps skin quality and lowers water retention), and it contains a mix of carotenoids to complement your supplementation. Realistically, you're probably too lazy to consume the massive amounts of vegetables you need for ideal potassium, which is absorbed way better from actual vegetables than from sups.

Just chug this shit instead:

This vegetable juice has the best potassium to sodium ratio of any I could find:


Feb 19, 2016
Legit, I did this a while back with carrot until made my palms yellow. Going to try again with beta carotene and astaxanthin and try to get a nice balance.


Nov 7, 2015
To encourage accumulation of carotenoids in the skin, consider eating lots of liver or supplement with Vitamin A as well. If you have adequate to high vitamin A stored in your body, it will not need to convert carotenoids into vitamin A and thus deposit them in your skin in higher quantities.