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Jun 28, 2015
As previously announced, new forum themes have been in development for quite some time and have been enabled as of now. In addition, a new logo has been added created by @bordan jarrett. All credit and many thanks for the logo go to him.

In the bottom left footer menu you are able to select between 3 styles by pressing "Style chooser". The styles which are currently available are Lookism, Lookism Dark and the Lookism Classic theme(old). The Lookism Classic theme will remain enabled for those that prefer it above the new themes, however will not be updated any longer. Additionally, in this menu you are able to toggle between different forum widths by pressing "Change width".


Note that by pressing the "Change style" button in the top right menu as well as the bottom left menu you can switch between the light and dark 2020 themes conveniently.


It's possible that your avatars have become blurrier. This is due to the larger size of forum avatars in the new themes. Please re-upload to solve this.
Please note that the new forum themes will still undergo slight tweaks and changes. If you find any issues or problems with the themes, please don't hesitate to voice your concerns in the Forum Suggestions subforum.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new themes.
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