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Narcissistic/psychopaths never get satisfied


Jul 17, 2016
Just take a look at people like George Soros - He could have everything materially, but he misses one thing and that's the right mind.
They are all in a stage of a 9 years old child, that's why they'll never envolve emotionally.
you'll never be satisfied, Eliot Roger didn't die because he couldn't have a relationship, he died because he enjoyed the self humiliation which caused him to not being in one.
He was such a subhuman, but these people are in every positions of life. Almost every person with power have some degree of it, because it takes to kill, lie and cheat in order to get everything. These people have the mind of "evil" because they all live in a hell and can't get out of it, except if they turn the world into a hell.