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My looks have made a big improvement over the last few weeks

Feb 16, 2016
The testosterone injections have MAJORLY hypertrophied my masseters. It is INSANE. I was not expecting this, but they have blew up completely, and I now have the "cheek shading" look. It is interesting, becasue something else about my face has also changed. I just suddenly look way older, like I've gone from looking 17 (I'm 20), to 20-21. It is almost as though my skin has thickened slightly.

The test has also bown my neck up over an inch (dead serious). No training has been done whatsoever, just lying around drinking protein shakes. I've gained close to 10lbs, which is visible on my arms and back.

Being at my college dorm has meant that I go for lots of long walks to the grocery store about a mile away, in the hot sun. My skin has got a dark tan now.

I haven't become some male model or anything, but I now look my age, which is a huge imorovement. I'm no longer babyfaced.