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my grandmother is literally autistic


Hagas Lo Que Te Da La Gana
Nov 5, 2018
-she always calls random relatives on the phone and rants for hours on hours, and it's always a one-sided conversation

-she has zero social awareness

-she gets irrationally sad at ridiculous things (my mom gave her a ring and at one point wanted to use it herself, so she cried for years, blaming the ring for her sadness, saying my mom hated her for taking back the ring)

-she discouraged me from making friends as a child, saying that they are not good to have, since they would distract me from school

-she said friends who want to come over to your house to play are bad friends, good friends are friends who do school things

-she told me when I start working, to not go out with coworkers, and just hang out by myself 

-when our family friend's elderly mother asked for her wechat (chinese social media), because she wanted to be friends with my grandma, my grandma thought she was ridiculous and retarded for that, without realizing that's how people become friends

-when we were at the chinese hairdresser, and the hairdresser asked if she wanted her hair cut like my sister, she asked how much, the hairdresser said $20, she yelled at the hairdresser 

I literally think this woman is autistic and her being responsible for raising me is making me have to take NT-maxxing and normal social skills into my own hands, and having to undo a decade of autistic social conditioning by her