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my experience with shrooms


Jul 17, 2015
i ate an eigth of strong shrooms when i was 16 and tripped very hard. it didn't have any profound impact on my life or any like spiritual awakening type shit (MDMA was prolly better) but it was interesting. i experienced near ego death and just felt so detached yet calm and "clean" for like a week afterwards if that makes sense. i could how see psychs might be very legit for some people tho. i wanna try acid eventually. anyways the trip itself was hella fucking cool. you don't actually hallucinate legit objects or people but things just morph around a bit. after the come-up (which kinda felt similar to MDMA's) it really hit me when i was in my friend's garage which was kinda dark and i started seeing shadowed outlines of a woman on the door and she was holding her hands over her face. also there was an old camera on the bench and the lens reminded me of an all seeing eye that was looking over everything. some things just had incredible depth and looked so clean and vibrant like shelves or chairs. then i went outside and everything was so fucking beautiful. the trees were blowing and it looked they were breathing and just radiating in the wind. and the san gabriel mountains looked so crisp and amazing, like some sort of surrealist art. i really think the outdoors are best for tripping. i wanna try a secluded beach some day. anyways when i went back inside i started seeing geometric fractals literally forming out of no where on the wall and just constantly moving. closed eye visuals were pretty strong too. i laid down with my eyes closed and i was flying first person view thru an infinite black space and passing thru bright yellow rings. also i noticed that food tasted horrible. i tried eating half a turkey sandwich w/ avocado and i could only take one bite. it tasted so plain and foreign to me i just couldn't do it. eating felt primitive basically @"childlike dreamer"