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Multiculturalism sucks the life out of society

White God

Jul 2, 2015
All of the LIFE is drained out of multicultural societies. Nobody does anything interesting.

Mongoloids in particular are extremely high inhibition and their culture is known for never having strangers talk to each other.

I have waited at uni outside lecture halls where the students are mostly mongoloid and they NEVER talk to each other. Nobody strikes up a conversation like "Hi I'm X, are you excited to be studying this subject?". And yet it's obvious everyone WANTS to talk to each other but they just can't break the ice.

Do Asians even have subcultures? Do Arabs? :lol:

Whites have had tons of subcultures, skins punks goths metalheads emos mods, the list goes on indefinitely. Whites are creative and constructive. Meanwhile turknicks don't do anything interesting at all.