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Most of us are just a waste of time/energy/space


Nov 25, 2015
I mean most of us aka 99% of humans and probably increasing day by day

We are just a waste of space/time/energy

had we not been created it would be actually better for those who aren't a waste of time/energy/space

I mean look at us overanalyzing everything and studying every detail. Taking steroids and drugs. Trying so hard man just so we can change. But at the end of the day you cannot change the fact that you are a waste of time/energy/space

Your existence is just a waste of those 3 things. Not meaningless. Not a waste. But a waste of TIME, ENERGY, and SPACE

Meaning that the TIME that you are spending on this earth is not a waste. NO but you are a waste of the TIME. You are not good enough for this time that you get on this earth. You are a waste of it

The things you walk on. Distance you travel. The chair you sit on. YOU ARE A WASTE OF IT. Like these things should be going to someone else. Not you

The energy that you are. Everything. You are a waste of that too

How shitty must you be if you are a waste of time, energy, space. Exactly that is what we all are on this site and many people on this fucking earth