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Mid twenties girl ideal life


Jul 19, 2015
Graduate college after being in a sorority and partying 24/7 with a bullshit degree
Through aqquaintences find a guy that's making enough to support you, depending on area, its probably at least 80k+ with the idea it'll get higher.
Tell him its better you stay home and take care of home maker duties, but don't actually do shit.
6AM he wakes up for work, you stay in bed until 10AM
Go to starbucks and take snapchats so your girlfriends know you don't have to work
Go to gym to keep your body.
Take a nap
Wake up when he comes home and listen to his day
Eat dinner...Make it sometimes but would prefer to order out.
Have sex...usually missionary.
Repeat, always taking a lot of pictures so your gf's know you aren't working and doing what they wish they could. It's all about status.