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Message from the NEET Party: The Third World Needs to Stop Breeding


Jun 29, 2015
The GDP per capita of the entire world in nominal dollars is estimated to be around $10,400-10,876 USD according to the UN, IMF and CIA. By purchasing power parity, it's $[size=small]14,402-15,147.[/size]

In the United States, it's estimated to be $[size=small]53,042-[size=small]54,800[/size] USD.[/size]

In Canada, the nominal GDP per capita is $[size=small]50,271-$52,270. Adjusting for purchasing power parity (cost of living is expensive in Canada compared to America on average), it's estimated to be $42,753-44,843 USD.[/size]

So if you're an average American, your standard of living right now is anywhere from 3.5-3.8x higher than the world average.

If you're an average Canadian, it's 2.8-3.1x higher than the world average.

Western corporations are outsourcing jobs to cheap labour countries like China and India to provide not only products but services. Even high-skilled service jobs like in IT and engineering. They are importing foreign visa workers to do jobs on the cheap (many of them high-skilled jobs even) and leaving westerners unemployed. They are importing third world immigrants into our countries permanently as well. So that they can depress our wages, take our jobs and leech off our welfare state. And don't get me started on illegal immigrants.

If we continue to allow these third-worlders to take our jobs, depress our wages, move in here and leech off the productivity of our country, our standard of living is going to be third-world quality. Instead of first-world quality.

We need EUGENICS NOW in the third-world. We need to put something in their vaccines to sterilize those fuckers so that they will stop breeding. We need to stop letting third-world immigrants into the country and secure our borders. We need to deport third-world illegal immigrants. We need to deport third-world foreign visa workers like my ex-girlfriend (whose actually unemployed. lol So much for the work er visa program) who is going to marry an Indian-Canadian cuck so that she can stay here permanently.

We can't allow this to continue to happen. We need a far-left for westerners. We don't need a far-left that only looks out for turd world immigrants. We need National Socalism (except Hitler's Nazi Party has really tainted the idea of "National Socialism" since his party wasn't very socialist at all. He passed laws to depress worker wages. So I don't like to call it "National Socialism" even though what I'm advocating really is National Socialism.)

Vote for the NEET Party of Canada in the upcoming 2015 fall federal election. You are welcome to start your own branch of the NEET Party in your country/state/province.

I envision a western world in which one full-time earner can easily support a family of 4-5 just like in the 1950s. But our standards of living have dropped so much that families need two full-time earners to get by. Our quality of life is degrading in the west. While the standard of living is improving in the turd world at our expense. And we need to preserve what's left and we need to improve our qualify of life so that it is in line with the good old days. And hey I'm not saying that women should stay home with the kids. But they along with men should have CHOICE. A woman should have the choice of whether she wants to go to work or not. Nowadays, they are forced to work for the most part to make ends meet. A man should have the choice of whether or not he gets to work or not. I'd be happy as a house husband. Working on my novel while looking after the kids. But [size=small]men have always been forced to work. They never had a choice.
That's not fair. That's an injustice.[/size]