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Men Should Next Disrepectful Females at Once and Have Standards for Women


Lookism God
Oct 28, 2015
The first instance she reveals her piss poor nasty/trash character men shud next these cunts instead of forgiving them since u think u can get sex from her.
No, the moment she sees u putting up with her shit, she will class u as a pussy and u will get NO sex.
So its best u stand up for ur fucking self and have standards for Women. 

Test these cunts and make sure they have good character and morals and hardworking and good values, dont just be controlled by ur sex drive. 
Sex and a relationship with a nasty cute woman is just not worth it. Best u remain incel.

Stop valuing these cunts so much. Put more value in urself and make sure the woman u get with is worth it. Have some self respect.