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Men improve themselves because they must in order to suceed, women don't have to


Jul 6, 2015
When a man realizes he's a beta, he does everything to improve himself. He goes to the gym and gains aesthetics, he dresses better, he acquires a better job to earn more money, he learns about more topics to have a broader variety of conversational options, he starts hobbies, pursues all kinds of interests, develops a well-rounded personality etc. Unsurprisingly it doesn't change anything. If he's a manlet and beta, he will still be rejected based on physical attraction or the lack thereof, no matter how interesting and perfect he might be.

A woman who is ugly, fat and lonely on the other hand will do nothing to improve. She still has hundreds of men hitting on her only because she has a vagina. This gives her an inappropriate sense of entitlement. She feels entitled to her tall handsome Chad bf and will despise every man who does not fit this ideal of shallow anti-intellectualism. Her emotional world consists of deepest envy for all the Stacies who look better than her. To beat them she thinks she must find a bf who is even chadder than the Stacies' fuckbuddies. Combine this with her lack of relationship experience and you literally get a monster. Stacies have a lot of experience with social manners. They also know how to quickly reject a beta male, well knowing that they don't need said beta male. Low SMV females on the other hand lack any manners. They treat a beta man as unemphatically as possible, letting him know that they consider him a subhuman, while at the same time never fully rejecting him out of fear that they might not find a better partner. This is how the orbiter phenomenon arises. Only insecure ugly women need orbiters. A Stacy doesn't need them because she has Chads. There is nothing more toxic than dating a low SMV female.